How To Boost Testosterone For Both Men And Women

//How To Boost Testosterone For Both Men And Women

How To Boost Testosterone For Both Men And Women

Low testosterone is the big issue today, both in men along with women. Lots of times we hear about estrogen and progesterone, but not necessary the importance of balancing out those testosterone levels.

Testosterone is not only important for men, but also for women. There are low T clinics cropping up everywhere and so may stars and starlets are boosting their hormones. Testosterone is really key because not only it’s produced in the testes for men and the pituitary gland for women, it also helps you build muscle, burn body fat, puts you in a good mood and increase reproductive function. Your testosterone is rapidly decreasing and the reason being is that a lot of the hormone endocrine disruptors in our environment are causing us to have low testosterone.

If you want to boost your energy, get in a better mood, build muscle, burn fat, improve reproductive and sexual function and sail through menopause if you are of that age, you have to follow these tips to boost testosterone;

Weight Training

This is really important if you want to naturally get those testosterone levels up. The best thing is lifting weights and getting loads of healthy fat in your diet. When you weight train, your body starts releasing human growth hormone and healthy levels of testosterone.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. When talking about testosterone, there are two dynamic hormones in the body, the cortisol which is released by the adrenals and DHEA that should be in balance with cortisol. As DHEA goes up, cortisol goes down. Ashwagandha has been shown to decrease cortisol, increase DHEA and dramatically increase free testosterone. Look for Ashwagandha root extract, a clinically studied compound to boost free testosterone.

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek Seed has been clinically proven to increase free testosterone. It’s an amazing seed or herb for your gut and your testosterone and it does that due to something call an anti-aromatizing effect. So, it lowers the aroma taste which inhibits estrogen and therefore allows testosterone to go up.


It stimulates free testosterone within the normal range just through inhalation. Based from studies, through olfaction, similar to essential oils, a small amount of truffle on the molecular scale increases free testosterone in men and women over 50 by up to 300%. All you have to do is smell it.

Minerals (Zinc, Magnesium, Boron)

Zinc deficiency in men causes a decrease in testosterone. Scientists believe that there’s about 1 out of 10 of the boron in soil than there used to be, so that means that we’re not getting it from our food supply. Magnesium is critical for hundreds of various enzymatic activities. If you want to consume magnesium rich foods, take magnesium and use the magnesium oil as a topical. But zinc and boron, you have to take it orally. These three minerals are critical to maintain healthy testosterone.

But remember, none of these tips are going to increase testosterone beyond your normal range. When you take medication, you need to be monitored because that will drive your levels past normal. For instance, if you really want to boost your testosterone, you need to focus a lot of clean and nutrient dense food in your diet.