Women’s Guide To Better Masturbation

//Women’s Guide To Better Masturbation

Women’s Guide To Better Masturbation

We, women know that we can climax our clitoris but there are loads of other different types of orgasms. In fact, some women can climax through breast stimulation. The types of orgasms include the G-spot orgasm, nipple orgasm, kissing orgasm and orgasm from any other erogenous zone on your body.

It’s really important that you settle yourself down and take the time to get to know your own body. The type of masturbation session that you have depends entirely on your mood. Sometimes, you just want a quick 5-minute, other times you might want to dim the lights, light a nice candle or put on some music. Whatever the reason, you might want to invest in a few products to help make your solo sex experience even better.


Lube is an absolute must. It reduces friction and makes your experience far more pleasurable. There are loads and loads of different types of lubricants out there. If you’re just using your hands, you can use any single one of those. You can use oil-based, silicon-based or water-based lubricants. Water-based is the most popular lubricant because it suits almost any sex toys. It’s really slick, non-greasy, long-lasting and most importantly, it’s very good for your skin. Of course, it’s a really nice accompaniment to masturbation or any type of sex sessions that you’re having.

Within these products, we’ve got loads of active ingredients that help bring the blood to the surface and that will make your clitoris way more sensitive and increase your chances of orgasm.

Orgasm Arousal Balm

This balm is packed with menthol, arginine and other active ingredients that are really good for your masturbation session. It comes in a tin small can and the balm itself is very smooth and feels really creamy. You only need a little bit of this on any erogenous part of your body. You can apply it on your nipples, clitoris, labia or any area that you think needs a little bit of pleasure boost. On the other hand, keep it away from your lips and eyes and the whole face area. This will start working when you feel some tingling and the blood will rush to the surface, making the area super sensitive so when you touch it, it feels absolutely incredible.

Scented Massage Candle

If you want something that’s going to set the mood as well as enhancing your orgasm experience, then consider using a scented massage candle. Though dim lighting sets the mood, the scent from the candle will just smell amazing and it adds a nice little element.

There you have it! That’s how to have better solo sex for ladies. Masturbation is the key to a good sex life. It teaches you all about your body and it means that you can pass that knowledge on to a potential partner so you can have an amazing sex every single time. Not only that, masturbation is incredibly important for your overall health. Those who regularly masturbate have a lot less stress in their lives. It produces feel-good hormones more regularly and it means that you’re better equipped to handle whatever life can throw you. So go ahead and explore different ways on maximizing your masturbation session with the above mentioned products and techniques.