Interesting facts about company formation in UAE free zone

Interesting facts about company formation in UAE free zone

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Do you have enough investment to start your company? And you are passionate to run your company then you should go for company set up in UAE. the building block of any business starts with 4 Ps of marketing of which place is the most important. If you have investment but you did not invest in right place then you will lose your money. UAE is famous for business due to its free zones and they are made conducive to business of diverse sectors. They are open to foreign investments from both young and multi-national entrepreneurs. If you are young entrepreneur and you are finding best place to set up your company then you must go for business setup in UAE free zones. When it comes to economy then UAE economy is strong and they support companies and foreign investors. If you further want to know about UAE free zones then you should read this article. Here we have added some interesting facts about UAE free zones.

UAE consists of several free zones:

The UAE is a place which consists of maximum number of free zones in the world. There are over 45 free zones in UAE. Of these 45 free zones, 10 free zones are under construction. The first free zone was established in 1985.

All free zones are different:

Here is another interesting fact about UAE free zone that all of the free zones are different from each other and so their policies also vary from each other. So, before starting your company in UAE free zone you will have to find most appropriate free zone for your company.

Grant of ownership:

The free zones in the UAE offer 100% ownership of companies so you will not have to find any local partner to work with him. Therefore, it will take less investment to set up company in free zone.

All types of business are promoted:

The free zones allow to start new businesses and branch of any company. So, it promotes all types of businesses. If you want to start branch of company then the name of your branch must be same as that of parent company. it also gives you opportunity to start subsidiary company, its name can be different and it can independently function.

Grant of visa:

The proprietor of a UAE free zone company can get UAE residence visa so you can move there with your family.  Visit this website for details.