Documents needed to invest in a company


Portugal residency by investment is a way of immigrating to Portugal with the help of your investment and you will get a lot of benefits in this type of immigration. You will get the facility to take your family with you and also you can start any kind of legal business there and along with that you can also invest in any of the existing company. You can have your own home there and also invest in the real estate because you will be giving some good value to the state of that country so they will allow you to do any kind of legal business there. You can also apply for the Montenegro citizenship by investment with the same method. When you are going to invest in a company then you have to provide the following documents ready all the time to show wen demanded:


You need to provide all the details of the company in which you are going to invest. Complete details include the name and type of the company and what type of business it is doing and if the company is not yet established then you have to tell that in your documents and provide all the information which is available. You need to tell about the shareholders too so that the type of your company will be clear.


You need to give the information about the project in which you are investing. If there are several projects going on in a bigger company then you cannot share the investment in all of them so you have to provide the details of a single project in which you have interest and also you need to tell about the location of that project where it is going to be executed. It means that in case of building you have to tell the location where the infrastructure is built and also about the office from where the project will be operated. While talking about the project specifically, you have to tell about the budget of that project and the share of your investment. You can be the 100% owner of that project or the 50% sharer but you have to tell that clearly in your documents because they will be cross-verified when you submit them so avoid any fraudulent information or concealment in that.