Perks of RAKICC


For the incorporation of offshore companies or foreign business companies, RAK International Corporate Center (RAKICC) is the only agency in the Ras Al Khaimah region. RAK Offshore provides absolute secrecy, guaranteeing that all consumer and corporate investors enjoy a highly favourable market climate. It is meant to make sure that foreign investors have the ability to easily establish their business presence in the UAE without any hurdles. It is also meant to provide licensing to all those who are interested in establishing an offshore company in Dubai.

RAK works with a range of business consultancy and setup services, all of which offer full help in the establishment of Offshore Company in RAK. You will enter us within 1-2 working days after the necessary documentation and charges are sent in full. The requisite documents are as follows:

  • The shareholder’s passport copy.
  • Initial Energy Bill – at least within three months (Water and Power Bill / Telephone Bill)
  • Any banking bank in the world’s initial reference letter.

RAKICC Offshore Sector Benefits and Features

  • Extremely reliable and well-known integrity
  • A foreign national may be wholly owned
  • Shareholder and management could be the same
  • Quick method of integration
  • Simple process for renewal
  • NO Office Required
  • No standards for auditing
  • Absolute secrecy and privacy
  • Facility for diplomatic events
  • Diversification of assets and expenditure
  • UAE multi-monetary financial accounts
  • Tax free of 100%

RAKICC Offshore Company Owners

The minimum shareholder number shall be one and the actual shareholder limit shall be 15. It permits 100% foreign ownership by RAKICC. For the incorporation of the offshore firm, minimum capital is not necessary. For the incorporation of the offshore RAKICC firm, the participation of shareholders is not necessary. Look at this website for more information.

Offshore corporation RAKICC operations

  • Assets holding
  • Ownership in land
  • Opening of UAE bank corporate bank account
  • Holding in another business with shares
  • Trading in General
  • Advisory programmes
  • RAKICC Offshore Records Documents
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Association Memorandum
  • Certificate in good faith
  • Letter of incumbency
  • Certificate of sharing