The best cars for you to rent out


Nazca M12 BMW:

BMW launched its Nazca M12 Model in 1991. It is built on Italian design. The speed range of Nazca is 200mph and it can take speed rang from (0-60) just in 4 seconds. Nazca C2 is considered as the most expensive and one of the speediest cars of the world. Its price starts from 3 Million dollars. Its spare parts are very rare. Its maintenance cost is very high as compare to other sports cars. People of Europe will find spare parts of Nazca M12 from Germany, in Asia people will find its spare parts from China and in Middle East for different BMW parts Dubai is a frontline market.

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren:

This sports car is launched by Mercedes Benz and its edition is still in production. It is built by German and British engineers. Its engine is of 700Hp and it can reach upto 100 kmph in just 0.2 seconds. Its model SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream is the most expensive and luxurious model of Mercedes Benz whose price is approximately €10,000,000.

  • SLR McLaren Mansory Renovatio
  • SLR McLaren V10 Quad Turbo Brabus
  • SSK Roadster

Its maintenance is very costly because very few markets have access to sell its spare parts. Japan, China and Dubai are the market hubs of different Mercedes parts or spare parts of Mercedes worldwide.

Fords GT Supercar:

It is one of the most Popular Ford’s model .IT is also known for its beauty and 600HP engine. It is built in the memory of Fords first sports car Gt40 which was built in 1960. Its price starts from 400000 $ to 2 million dollars.

Porsche Taycan :

Porsche also made its sports car model Porsche Taycan which is also very expensive and also packed with supernatural features. It has electric Taycan Engine. Some model of its  series also contain some turbo and turbo-s engines. Its price starts from 200000$ to 1 Million dollars.

Tesla Roadster:

Tesla is also a famous automobile brand and well known because of its brands.It is a second generation sports car which is four seater. It has 3 electric motors and power to speed up to 0 to 60 mph in only 1.9 seconds. Its price range starts from 200000$ to 1Million dollars.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire:

Bugatti launched its model La Voiture Noire in 2019. It is the most powerful super car of the world with the engine of 1500 HP and due to its powerful and different features it is alo the most expensive car of the world. Its price range is 19 Million dollars.