The things a personal coach will guide you about


Hiring a personal couch is not very common in this world but they will be a great help for people who want to make they fit and healthy in a proper way. When you hire a female personal trainer in UAE then she will guide in you in a calculated way because they are trained and got educated about what to do and how to do. A common person can do the research but he or she will not know about the chemistry behind each recipe and the calorie count behind each food item so you have to hire a trainer. Here are a few things which your trainer will do for you:

Know body requirements: First they will ask different questions about your body and try to figure out what is wrong and how to correct the mistakes you are making. In this phase they will figure out about your body mass index which tells that if a person has good weight and body mass according to his or height. They will ask about some other things too in order to make a plan for you.

Meal planning: Once they will know about your BMI then they will start planning about your food. They will create different meal plans for different people according to their body need and this is another reason why you need to hire a good trainer for getting back in to the shape. In this planning they will see how many meal you need in a day and mostly there are 5 to 6 shorter meals instead of 3 big meals. Because when you eat bigger meals then they will stay in your stomach for longer and then it will convert in to the fat instead of giving more energy to your body and it will make you fat.

Calorie count: While making the meal planning they will keep in mind about the calorie count which your body needs. In accordance to that count they will give you an appropriate chart of things which you can use and get your health back. Being fat or obesity is the root cause for many diseases and it will create several problems if not addressed timely. You need to follow the chart given by your trainer and strictly follow the plan if you want to get the best results.