Things you should know about tears

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Humans are the only species to cry tears and weeping acts as an essential indicator of the feelings we feel for ourselves and others. But is there a regular amount of crying there? Is it weird to never weep at all? When you sob so hard, what do you do? In front of a loving one, is it acceptable to cry? On some of the more common questions about weeping, we’ll shed some light.

Why Are We Crying?

Empathic crying is a common reaction of the body to intense emotions such as sorrow, pleasure, rage, or empathy. It is a therapeutic mental release; you might also have heard the saying: “Have a nice cry.” Crying may have several positive effects, including minimizing feelings of stress and catharsis.

It can enable individuals to soothe themselves, encourage them to settle down, and release oxytocin and endorphins that can help alleviate physical and emotional pain. It is also a way to obtain support from others when it is much desired by individuals.

It is all right to cry, just as it is all right not to. There are physical and mental health problems that lead to those being unable to produce tears, but most people weep at various rates. If this is something you’re grappling with, we recommend talking to a primary care physician to ensure that the condition is not neurological or to reveal any of the reasons to a mental health specialist.

You should work on having a comfortable place to dwell on your thoughts, write down your feelings, and chat with trusted loved ones about problems that could bother you or appear to be a cause for tears.

Rest assured for those who weep, that some of us weep more than others; there is not a single amount of weeping to prescribe. A research found that women typically weep 30-64 times a year, while men weep 5-17 times a year. However, this gender disparity illustrates how weeping for men has been wrongly stigmatized.

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