Things to Do in Qatar


Visiting another country is very exciting. What excites us that we are about to meet new people and see new cultures and see what else is out there that we are not known of. Touring was stopped or you can say paused for some time due to the corona virus. Even the virus is slowly and gradually going away but still many borders have halted the over seas people for visiting them later on.

This was actually a very terrifying and yet sad thing to see because people who were there for tourism purposes, they also were stuck there and could not come back to their own country. But there are many countries that are opening their gates back now and one of the most visited countries is Qatar. And if you are travelling with US visa in Qatar then obviously, you will want to see what has Qatar for you and if you really want to explore it then we you are arrived at the right post so learn this here now about things to do is Qatar;

Souq Waqif: if you are a shopaholic then we suggest that you visited this place and it will be proven to be a paradise for you because this is the only market that has all the Qatari things and Souq Waqif is translated as Standing Market in Arabic. Here, not only you will be shopping but you will be eating the authentic Qatari foods as well.

National Museum of Qatar: this museum was built in 28th March 2019 and, in that same year, they got the best places to visit by the tourists and each year they get more than 450,000 people and it is spread across 1.5 kilo meters and here, you can see the beginning of how Qatar was and how it became a modern and developed country.

The Pearl of Qatar: if you have a lot of money on you, then we suggest that you visit this place. Here, you will find the best kind of hotels and resorts and this place is loved by the filthy rich people.

Museum of Islamic Art: people who are Islamophobic, they can visit this place and clear the misconception in their heads and here, you will find of the finest art of ancient times and modern arts as well.