Canvas Painting For Beginners– How to bring your concept into canvas

Canvas Painting For Beginners– How to bring your concept into canvas

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Painting is not only about selecting your set of oil paints, purchasing a brush, preparing a bottle of turpentine to help you clean your brush and the accidental oil stains; even buying a first class canvas won’t ensure that you are ready to paint.

Not everyone possesses the innate gifts some true artists and painters seem to be gifted with. Most of us need proper training, study tips and techniques on easy canvas painting for beginners.

A step-by-step guide to train you to master how to bring your ideas and concepts into the canvas is given below:

1. Visualize the image you wish to paint. Study the needed colors, the required hues, and the textures that will escort your idea into reality.

2. Get your color palette ready. Your paints should be properly placed in containers
 that are readily accessible once you start painting.

3. Acquire knowledge about the color wheel. For canvas painting for beginners you should have a chart of the color wheel right beside you to follow. This may include for instance, hue refers to the different shades of same color; complementing colors mean colors opposite each other on the color chart; and analogous colors are colors right beside each other etc.

4. Trace the image on the canvas with black chalk if you’re planning to paint anything other than abstract. The technique is known as grisaille under-painting, a method in canvas painting for beginners that helps you keep focus on the image you want to come up with.

5. Oil painting is all about brush control and to master perfect brush control is time taking; in fact, the most challenging part of canvas painting for beginners. It is all about knowing how much paint is held by your brush; how much paint will be released by your brush; and what stroke fits what purpose.

6. Texture is important for oil painting as it differentiates oil paintings from other forms of painting, like water paints etc. Learn the many techniques that can be used to come up with the texture you desire. This is the most exciting part of canvas painting for beginners to learn and apply.

Canvas painting is fun and a great hobby to opt for. It invokes your creativity and appreciation in the arts. Many beginners are recommended to use Paint by Number kits to learn the basics of canvas painting.