Different strand patterns of steel rope


Different kinds of steel wire ropes will be needed in different works and you have to make sure that you will get the bets one according to your need and there is no need to have tension about it because if you do not know about it then you can ask from your supplier. There are many duct lifter suppliers in dubai who are there to help you and you should get their help when you are in trouble of deciding which wire rope to choose for your work. There are different wire ropes according to the strand pattern and you will get to know about them here below:

Single layer:

It is very common and mostly used pattern as most people will try to get that. In this pattern there are seven strands of wires will be joined together and all of them are of the same diameter. One of them will be in the center and the other six will be around that covering it from all the sides.

Filler layer:

This is the type in which there are two different sizes of wire strands will be used and each size is places on a certain layer of the rope. One diameter of wire strand will be there in the inner layer around the center and the outer layer will be double in the amount of strands in the inner layer. Along with that there is several wire strands of smaller diameter are there in between the layers where the gap is present and they will fill that gap to provide more strength.

Seale layer:

In this kind of wire rope there are two different sized wire strands are present and they all have the same number in each layer and they are joined together around a center. Inner layer will be consists of strands of smaller diameter and in outer layer there will be bigger diameter sized sire strands are present.


This is another kind of two sized strands in different layers. In the inner layer one sized wire strands are present and in the outer layer there are two sizes visible one is smaller and the other is bigger. You can also go to check the safety harness supplier in dubai to help you working better at places which are higher than your reach to work.