Storage solutions – A few facts

Storage solutions – A few facts


Are you interested in acquiring information about storage solutions? Let us check out a few FAQs related to these services:

Do storage solutions Dubai give insurance?

Yes. It is very important that the tenant buys the insurance so as to keep their items safe.

How can you do the payments?

You can do the payments through your phone, through email, website or you could come by yourself and do the payments.

In what forms can the payments be made?

The payments can be made in the form of checks, cash, cards, order of payment, etc.

Are there trucks that take your stuff?

For some locations, there are trucks. You will need to contact us for complete details.

Are there any items that cannot be stored?

Yes, there are few.

What are items that cannot be stored?

The items that cannot be stored are liquids bombs, materials that are toxic or destructible and ignitable liquids.

If you want to about any particular item, then you can email us.

What is the process of entering the storage units?

When you sign your contract, a security password will be provided to you so that you can easily go to your storage units during the set hours.

When to pay rent?

You have to pay the rent each month.

What days can you come to your storage unit?

Any day you want. The storage units are open all days of the week.

How to know how much space you require?

This is a bit tough question but we are here. You can simply contact us and our supervisor will guide you.

What to do if you want to move out?

You would have to give a notice at least ten days before moving out.

How can you rent a storage unit?

You can rent a storage unit by giving your license of driving, your national identity card or you can even give a passport.

Are supplies of packing given?

Yes, they are given so you don’t have to worry and go to the market to get them.

If you feel like there is still something you need to know, please contact us and we will answer your questions.

What is document storage in Dubai?

Document storage can be defined as an action in which you keep your documents in document management system.