Things you need to know about IVF pregnancy

Things you need to know about IVF pregnancy

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Infertility is continually becoming more and more common now a days. Male infertility and female infertility both are common now a days. The major causes of increasing rates of fertility are hormonal disorders. Most of the hormonal disorders are occurring due to the foods obtained from inorganic ways. In these types of foods, growth hormones are used to grow these foods earlier to meet the food requirements of world by the increase in population. So, the fact is that these hormones containing foods damage our body in many ways. The most common problems occurring by these types of foods are hormonal disorders, PCOS in females, male and female infertility. There are different causes of infertility and treatment is given on the basis of their causes. Some types of infertility are curable and pregnancy is induced after these treatments. But some types of infertility are non-curable and pregnancy is not induced even after treatments. So people find alternates to continue their generation and sometimes they use IVF pregnancy as its alternate. With the increase in the cases of infertility, the use of IVF pregnancy is increasing as well.

But, the fact of the matter is that there are some important things that you should know about IVF pregnancy before choosing it. The bits of information that you must know are inclusive of:

Time consuming procedure:

Conventional IVF pregnancy is a long procedure because in this procedure eggs are taken from the body of female and fertilized outside of the body and then again placed in body. As eggs are fertilized in invitro condition so it takes more time for fertilization. So the total procedure of taking egg out of the body will take almost 4-5 weeks including medication, tests and scans.


This procedure is expensive than normal treatments because these include the cost of scans, tests, medications and in vitro procedure cost.


Usually chances of pregnancy reduce in later ages, after 35. But after 50 years of age, eggs and sperms both are reduced in female and male respectively. So you should go for IVF pregnancy in early ages.